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Prostate Disorders and Homeopathy

Prostate disorders are not just affecting elderly men; prostate disorders are much more common than would be expected in middle-aged individuals. For example, over half of 40-59 year- men have enlarged prostates, and, although most will not develop clinically significant disease, one fourth of 50-year olds have some cancerous cells in their prostate.

Prostate disorders are associated with age-related changes in steroid sex hormones. After age 40, testosterone declines, and a testosterone variant called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the female-associated hormone estrogen increase.Prostate problem

Homeopathy is a nature healing system and it cures the illness from its root…


  • Need to urinate often especially during nighttime
  • Difficulty in starting or stopping the urine flow
  • Inability or difficulty to urinate
  • Weak and decreased or interrupted urine stream
  • Feeling of not being able to empty the bladder
  • Burning sensation and pain during urination
  • Painful ejaculation

How can homoeopathy help?

In conventional medicine, surgery is often recommended and can be effective. However, surgical treatment at times can result in incontinence and sexual dysfunction and other age-related complications. For these reasons, homeopathic practitioners attempt to avoid such surgery whenever possible. The correct homoeopathic remedy can reverse the symptoms of prostate enlargement, restoring the state of health without the need for surgical intervention. But please make sure that medicines are used with professional help only. Homeopathy is a popular alternative healing tradition that offers several remedies for prostate disorders.

Useful Supplements:

  • Zinc 15mg a vital mineral for prostate health
  • Fish Oils 1 to 2 grams may help
  • Saw Palmetto – this herb may reduce inflammation, swelling and slow down prostate growth
  • Antioxidant dense multivitamin and mineral formula (vitamins C, E, natural beta-carotene and selenium)

Diet and lifestyle:

Alcohol, smoking and caffeine are all best avoided as these just add to the burden of detoxification on the body. The diet should be low in saturated fat e.g. red meat, full-fat dairy foods, pastry, cakes and biscuits. Sugar is best avoided. A whole food diet is best, eating ample raw fruit and vegetables (especially tomatoes).

Success Stories:
“I am 65 year old, I was suffering with prostate problem, my doctor advised me to go for the surgery but I know through my experience that Homeopathy works great on this kind of illness. And now after 5 months of homeopathic treatment, I am much much better than before. I want to continue with my treatment. Thank you Mehmood for helping me!” ~Kehya, Rotterdam, NL

“Many many thanks for your wonderful treatment. Indeed it has relieved of my prostate problem”. ~Daud, Gouda, NL

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