Patients Testimonials

  • Thank you so much for treating my sciatica pain. I'm myself a doctor and I was sceptical about homeopathy, but it really works. I've been tackling with my back pain watching it getting worse and worse for three years and by using homeopathy for the first time felt great relief.

    Pieter, Amsterdam, NL, Sciatica

  • Dear Mehmood, Would you believe that after 2 weeks of your remedy I am pain free. My sciatica is completely gone. I'm still in shock as to how fast homeopathy worked. Thank you so much.

    Linda, Den Haag, NL, Sciatica

  • De granules helpen wel tegen de rugpijn is wat beter geworden sinds het gebruik, ook de druppels werken goed ben wat rustiger geworden hierdoor. Dank je wel voor de goede medicijnen hoor.

    Jan, Heerenveen, NL, Backpain

  • Ruim een half jaar ernstige rugklachten gehad. Op de MRI niets te zien. Na het 2e middel van Mehmood ging de pijn langzaam maar zeker weg. Nu een jaar zonder rugklachten.

    Karin, Gouda, NL, Backpain

  • He is incredible! I can move, run, and exercise again. It is fantastic to know that I can do something positive to get rid of my pain. I threw out all of my pills.

    Mrs. Tahir, Amsterdam, NL, Backpain

  • I was suffering with back pain from years. I went to hospital and tried many other therapies. Then I tried homeopathy. My pain subsides in just 2 week and now I do not longer require painkillers. I can sleep at night and function just about normally during the day. Thank you Mehmood for giving me my life back!

    Afanasy, Amsterdam, NL, Backpain

  • I was almost a year on bed rest, and now I am 85% pain free with your treatment. I really want to thank you Mehmood. It is a miracle.

    Mr. Rob, Amsterdam, NL, Backpain

  • Dear Mehmood, thank you very much for sending me the remedy for my Hay Fever problem. It's excellent and I'm so grateful to you to prescribe me such a wonderful remedy. Best wishes.

    Amjad, London, UK, Hay Fever

  • My symptoms were totally subside in just one week, unbelievable. And now I have passed whole month without any inhaler and steroid. Thanks… It surly helped me a lot. Thanks.

    Ahmed, Den Haag, NL, Hay Fever

  • Many many thanks for your wonderful treatment. Indeed it has relieved of my prostate problem.

    Daud, Gouda, NL, Prostate enlargement

  • I am 65 year old, I was suffering with prostate problem, my doctor advised me to go for the surgery but I know through my experience that Homeopathy works great on this kind of illness. And now after 5 months of homeopathic treatment, I am much much better than before. I want to continue with my treatment. Thank you Mehmood for helping me!

    Kehya, Rotterdam, NL, Prostate enlargement